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How It Works?

Spend only 3hrs a Week Trading Stocks!

Hedge fund quality strategies for everyone. Take the guesswork out of investing - Know what stocks to buy and what price to buy them at. Get real-time buy and sell signal push notifications for maximum profits with swing trading.

Advanced AI

AI Algorithms Scan S&P 500 to Determine most profitable swing trades

Real-time Signal
Push Notification

App Sends out BUY Signal

Place your BUY Order

You go to your brokerage account and place a BUY Order

Place your LIMIT
SELL Order

When order executes,
immediately place a sell limit order for the price given by the app.

Sit back and relax...

Wait for stock to hit target sell price.

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  • Stock Analysis

    Simple stock search will tell you whether to buy or sell based on chart patterns, technical indicators, and other statistical variables.

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  • Clear Signals

    Risk management is about knowing when to take profits or cut losses.

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  • AI Algorithms

    With thousands of stocks to choose from, let our advanced AI algorithms create the weekly watch lists to help you make a decision of what to buy!

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  • Buy & Sell Signals

    Receive alerts on different technical indicators such as SMA, RSI, or Price action!

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Users are loving the app and the proof is in the app store reviews! Thousands of happy investors are really happy with Stocks Alerter.

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